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History of Nerds

Poong Kim, Yoonsoo Sim

· Original run 2013 ~
· Online Serviced Naver Webtoon
· Author(Story/Art) Poong Kim, Yoonsoo Sim
· Genre Growth Drama
· Plot The four 20 year old reckless mus­keteers: Min Ki, Ki Hyuk, Gwang Jae and Joon Suk. Min Ki can’t understand that his friends are becoming a couple one by one but first love also pays him a visit

Collaboration of 1st generation webtoon artists, Kim Poong of <Dejected Family> and Sim Yoon Soo of <Small Room Fantasia>

Major analogue piece of 90s continuing the <Respond> series

To be made into a movie by the Lim Chan Sang, the producer of <My Love My Bride>

Volumes 1~3 to be published


“20 year old boys evolve into men.”

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