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Terror Man

Dongwoo Han, Jinho Ko

· Original run 2015 ~
· Online Serviced  Expected to be published
· Author (Story/Art) Dongwoo Han, Jinho Ko
· Genre Action, Growth
· Plot Jung-woo Min has a super power to see others’ misfortune, and try to save them from danger by disguising him as a terrorist. However, the more he saved people from misfortune, the more he suffers misfortune. It is a story of a boy becoming a hero while agonizing the meaing of happiness and unhappiness.

Ko Jin Ho’s debut on NAVER webtoon, whoes comics <PRIZONA><EVIL EATER> published in Korea and Japan.

The focus of the public attention from the extraordinary subject that saving people by comtting a terror.

Becoming popular due to Ko Jin Ho’s original way of expression and dynamic actions before opening to public.

A movie and online game based on Terror Man are in production simultaneously.


“Save people, even becoming a Terrorist.”