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· Original run 2017
· Online serviced
· Author(Story/Art) YLAB
· Genre

1. Multi-Bus, Relocation Program for Humans
One day, a situation arose towards the inner planet orbiting Jupiter due to an unexplained incident. Mars was affected by Jupiter’s orbit, and was transformed into a planet with a temperature of 800 degrees Celsius while the Moon was pulled in by Jupiter’s gravity and destroyed as a result. The Earth was doomed to become a planet with a temperature of 400 degrees Celsius, facing the possibility of human extinction.

2. The ones who crossed the Multi-Bus
Miho Won, the Daehan Group CEO, develops a plan to open the ‘Dimensional Door” with the help of the particle physics laboratory <White Tower> to relocate the people to a new planet. By vibrating the strings, White Tower gave birth to all creation by using the Super String Theory and established a connection between the ‘Dimensional Door’ and the Multi-Bus.

3. Conflicting ideologies
However, opening the Multiverse resulted in unleashing a disaster on humans. Dimensional monsters referred to as “Kwetachun” began to appear in the present day. However, in the face of a seemingly hopless situation, mankind comes face to face with some unexpected rescuers. These individuals were heroes that used the Multi-Bus to journey from distant worlds. Miho Won attempted to persuade the heroes of the Multi-Bus to save the humans from extinction, however…